Technology stacks

The evolution of Technology is mandatory to sustain business excellence. Cloud Technologies come in handy in managing workloads and operational events. Our team will implement an end-to-end technology portfolio for you. We understand how components work together in a product life cycle. Clients can reduce operating costs by migrating the number of on-premise and in-house data centers to cloud. We at Globaldatalog leverage private, public and hybrid clouds for our customers in maximizing better use of resources with minimal effort. 

Our team is well versed with Architecture, security features, tuning performance, and testing methodologies in hosting and migrating existing technology stack to the cloud. If you’re looking for reliability, efficiency, and cost optimization for your organization, here we’re !!

Infrastructure Management mitigates risks with cutting-edge management tools. We provide support for both physical and virtualized environments. We also provide server hardening/security services and patch management on hardware components. Infrastructure Management has fully automated deployments. This service streamlines processes eliminating misconfigurations that are observed when performing manual deployments.

Our team understand how much time it takes to interact with hardware vendors. We work with various hardware vendors to resolve failed comments, system upgrades and also firmware upgrades, so you do not have to take time away from supporting your business. 


Big data analytics platform does not simply mean the application of big data and data analytics techniques into the domain. The purpose of the platform is to implement an intelligent environment that can gain data insights through big data and data analytics. Developing a Big Data Analytics Platform for Increasing Sustainability Performance in Technology Operations is our key skill. Clients will benefit from the application of analytics models to their operations.

We build, manage, migrate and train our clients to efficiently handle Data Modeling for BIG DATA Infrastructure.


Instead of treating your customers like competition, give them a personalized buying experience they will appreciate with the help of AI. Today’s customers appreciate and support companies they can identify with. They watch how businesses treat others. AI is everywhere. And more and more businesses are incorporating it into their sales processes to improve the customer experience.

Learn how Global Datalog can help both you and your customers, AI can accelerating Sales with Artificial Intelligence. It’s clear that artificial intelligence improves the customer experience, but what’s in it for your business?