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Consulting Service

Global Datalog Consulting is a team of strategy experts with vast experience into actionable, highly customized solutions to help customers achieve noteworthy success. Consulting Services offers an expansive extent of work including: business streamlining, Technology Management and more. The staff is definitely centered around assisting its clients with accomplishing their business goals and expand their benefit potential. We help clients stay aware of and decipher quickly changing industry and monetary occasions. Provides customized recommendations to improve existing products, services and processes. Enhances client productivity and efficiency. Provides actionable solutions to help clients maximize profitability. Our Consultants are industry leading experienced from the worlds leading provider of IT technology services. We Craft a new Professional Services as part of overall client solution during design and implementation phases. We Elevate what Consulting Services can do across your organization.

Managed Services

Part of Managed services, Global Datalog will designate a project manager who shall oversee and ensure the obligations you’re tasked with during the term of services are met accordingly. Clients can directly interact and work with project manager on daily basis to support Services related to Your project start-up, project execution, and project closure. Managed services come as a one-deal package, we assist clients with specifications, schedule, designs, requirements, Service deliverables, software and hardware environments. Documentation, training on the work performed and briefing for your project to stakeholders will be addressed unto satisfaction. We take utmost care in compiling with your reasonable physical security and safety, policies and procedures (“procedures”) while performing Services at your site. We follow industry leading best practices and also negotiate best deals on your behalf with respect to licensed products. 

Strategic planning

Preparation is the key to Success, undeniable fact. We at Global Datalog believe in Strategic Team planning.   

We help our clients get ahead and differentiate themselves in the digital transformation era​.

STAGE ONE Scope & Size


Phase-1, we learn about business objectives to identify size/scope.​ Followed by, articulating where does this objective fit in clients list of priorities. We research data to help size/scope the problem and hypothesize unseen or underappreciated problems.​ we identify case studies who has been through this scope. Finally, help customers think differently about their business and its problems.


STAGE TWO Developement


Phase-2, we set requirements needed for the solution and build tools to evaluate & compare options. We then, prioritize nice-to-haves vs. need-to-haves? Draft a criterion for comparing various solutions, surface & resolve disagreements, engage in debates and prepopulated criteria sheet. Finally, teach customers what is most important, help them prioritize and make trade-offs.


STAGE THREE Improvements


Phase-3, We take a Vote. Which of the options is most feasible? Is the risk/cost worth the reward? Understanding of proposed solutions in-line with customer expectation? pros/cons of different courses of action proposed? Engage customers with final-mile questions. Surface and resolve disagreements.​ Are we missing anything?​ Finally, Educate customers with complete vision of next courses of action.


STAGE FOUR Implementation


Phase-4, We implement the solution that was signed off in phase-3 without any deviation. Engage technical experts.​ Consult references/reviews.​ Evaluate implementation challenges.​ Gather feedback from technical experts.​ Share tactical benchmarks reinforcing solution advantages.​ Customer completes value-comparison scorecard.​ Demo, training and handover materials and equipment to customer.


  • Managed Services
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  • Consulting Services

Globaldatalog will streamline IT services for your organization. Our strategic technology managed services team will support end-to-end entire technology stack to put you and   your customers ahead of competition.  We   bring best practices to technology strategy. We understand the tools, how to align them to your business needs, and know   what it takes to implement them. Through our business   strategy and managed services, we will collaborate with you to create a strategic vision and craft insightful roadmaps to empower your business for better and outpace   your biggest competitors. Performance is guaranteed   through our service level agreement (SLA)-driven services. We help you define   what you need   and how to get    there and   align   your unique business needs with the appropriate tools to help you succeed. Our strategic consulting offerings bring insights and guidance for a bright future ahead.

Through our staffing services, we partner with you to iterate and build sustainable solutions that bring more compelling experiences for your customers. We deliver experiences that surpass customer expectations. We value collaboration and work cooperatively and confidently. We treasure talent, embrace effort and reward results. Given how crucial it is to ensure you always have the right people in your workforce - both in terms of the number of employees and available skills - recruitment is one vital process you must be able to manage the staff. Our Staffing services help clients reach their goals and optimize their technology stack by keeping them up to date with the newest and most innovative technologies. This can help you reinvent your whole technology workflow, or focus on making a particular aspect of it more efficient. Reach out to us for talented workforce to help your projects run as smoothly as possible.

Our Onsite Services provide cost-effective solutions by helping companies to bring new offerings to market faster and gain a competitive edge with enhanced user experiences. All our team members are certified professionals who bring value to organizations who believe in collaboration. Some of the key skill sets include but not limited are - Technical Education background, Certified professionals, Strong Verbal communication, thinking out-of-box, executive thought leadership and well aware of US federal and state securities and compliances protocols. Security, data processing integrity, confidentiality, and privacy are given utmost importance and that is the major reason to have onsite presence. The long-term gains that come from a trusted, professional onsite software development partnership are far more beneficial to your success. Rest assured !!

We Offer various consulting services helping businesses accelerate their journey.

  • Business Consulting Services.
  • Application Consulting Services.
  • Security Consulting Services.
  • Cloud Consulting Services.
  • Talent Management Consulting Services.
  • Business Continuity Services.
  • Network Consulting Services.
  • IT Infrastructure consulting services.

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