Global datalog

A Proficient Consulting & Managed Services Firm

Professional Consulting

Global Datalog is a professional technology consulting firm based out of suburbs Atlanta, GA. Staffing Services is our strength and continue to be. We’re pleased to inform that we had expanded our presence to include Managed services and onsite services. We team up to help our clients get ahead and differentiate themselves in the digital transformation era​.

Technology Education

We offer Professional Development Opportunities for existing employees with enhanced learning experience. We also offer in-depth trainings to new aspirants who will be able to apply the knowledge learnt into real life situations. Trainings are available from the comfort of your own home.

Talent Acquisition

We’re constantly on the look out for Talent. Our recruiters do a great job of screening just to find the right job matching experience and skillset. They work constantly with Hiring Managers to asses the job requirements and develop a requisition strategy.

Sophisticated Team

We’re a team hailing from different cultures and backgrounds who have functional and/or technical subject matter expertise that proactively foster the growth of the clients and ensure responsive, correct information is shared. We have a common interest / expertise in a positive, passionate manner, and support change to advance the operations and technical solutions.

Referral Bonus

Refer your friends, family, professional colleagues and acquaintances, whose experience, skills, or qualifications provide evidence of matching the essential selection criteria for a designated vacant position. A referral bonus may be paid to a team member who refers one or more successful candidates, after the candidate has successfully completed 2 month’s service, $1000 will be rewarded.

Internship Trainings

We Offer IT Trainings to aspirant college Interns who have passion towards technology. Accomplish more by collaborating in real time. Accelerate understanding and drive innovation with astonishing skillsets. We refund certification fee upon successful completion of exams.

Our story

We are a young and motivated company full of new ideas and enthusiasm. we understood the unique challenges faced in technology space with constant evolutions, new innovations and lack of IT experts. Slowly but surely we evoked the change we wanted. How?, by turning challenges into opportunities, cleantech strategy and smart investments into technology solutions. We ensured our strategic partners are positioned to succeed in the market place by providing efficient services such as staffing IT consultants, managed IT services and onsite presence. Surrounded and helped by a team of analysts, technologists and product experts, we developed technology solutions that allow clients to manage their portfolios more economically. Our commitment is ongoing, as in coming years we continue to improve and expand our offerings. We had gained a huge headway throughout the course of time. Better openings, more commitment, compelling procedures and completely accurate and integrated process. We Ensure our practices, processes and systems are fair and equitable. Accountability to each other and to our partners will be vital to our continued efforts. That’s why we developed and implemented goals to report our progress to our investing partners more often as needed.